Thursday, March 27, 2014

Integrating JAVA, PHP with CRM 2013

I found a bit difficult to integrating CRM 2013 with any non .net application because of its secure authentication method. Although there is a walkthrough available for JAVA to CRM Online but when I try to use the same method for CRM on-premise it gives error ([ERROR] Unable to parse the authentication policy from the WSDL) because it uses Active directory authentication. So I decide to create architecture to resolve the issue. This architecture contains 3 parts

1.    Java / PHP Application
2.    Custom Web service (.NET)
3.    CRM 2013

For this purpose we need to create one custom web service in .NET which will works like a bridge in between Java and CRM.

Here are some helpful links that I use


1.    We must need one .NET domain to deploy our web service
2.    Data must be transferred in encrypted mode from Java/PHP application to Web service.

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