Saturday, April 14, 2012

Top Five Best Tools for Dynamics CRM 2011

Daily we interact with a lot of Tools that we will use in Dynamics CRM. I am going to list some of them that will helps you to make more productive and enrich your application.
1. SiteMap Editor
Thanks to tanguy for this great tool. SiteMap Editor Helps you to easily edit and customize your Site Map navigation URL. You could add descriptions, SubArea, Titles. You could delete any Workplace, Group or sub area. You could reset your sitemap definition to default.

Almost every company needs Ribbon Editing. But Visual Ribbon Editor makes it a lot easier to Edit any Ribbon Button. Its UI is very easy. You could give ID, Labels, Thumbnail Image, Javascript Actions, and Enabled rules.

3. Role Updater
Some users say it crashes every time but for me it works perfect all the time. If you need to write a new role in CRM you will get stuck after watching a lot of options available there for this purpose CRM teams always suggest you to copy any existing role that matches your current requirement. But Role Updater solves this problem if none of the role matches your existent role than you could use Role Updater. Its easy and simple to use.

4. Diagnostics Tool
This is heaven for some developers. This tool is used for tracing. This tool gives a complete detail of errors on CRM server, it also generates a report about Deployment and any error in HTML format.

5. Solution Import
Import Solutions in just one click