Thursday, December 27, 2012

How to manage queues in CRM 2011

How to manage queues in CRM 2011

Microsoft CRM 2011 has a great option of queues and using queues we could assign any custom entity to queues. Not only custom entities but also built-in entities like lead activities cases etc.
In any organization if any user has to interact with multiple entities at the same time then we can use queue feature to organizing items more effectively.
For example in my last project we have to handle admission system. For this purpose we have used queues.
The process for application submission is as follow

1.   Any receptionist will receive the application and submit it to admission office for further process.

2. Receptionist receives a call from anywhere and his responsibility is to generate lead.
Receptionist gets interact with two entities.
1. Admission form 
2. Lead
If enrolled person get qualified admission department send him a letter and when student submit his fee admission department will enrolled the student.
In the above scenario multiple users has to work on a same entity.

Enabling Queues for Lead (Built-in Entities)


Check the Queues box. And if you want to automatically move records to the owner’s default queue when record is created check the other check box too.
Note: Once queues enabled we cannot reverse it status. 

Enabling Queues for Custom entities

As we discuss above we could unable queues for custom entities to.

Check the queues check box and save the entity now queues is enabled on employee entity.

Default Queues

Default queues are automatically generated for user’s teams and business units. All of these can also be used for managing user rights. Here is a list of default queues items
  1. Activity
  2. Appointment
  3. Campaign
  4. Activity
  5. Campaign response
  6. Case
  7. Email
  8. Fax
  9. Lead
  10. Letter
  11. Phone call
  12. Quick campaign
  13. Recurring appointment
  14. Service Activity
  15. Task
  16. User
  17. Team

Settings Views for Queues

We could set views for the queues to make our work easier.
Currently I want to see only leads that are assigned to me or I am the owner of the lead.

1. Go to Queues item and click on New.
 2. Give the Name of the view (Leads) I am working On
 2. Click on Edit Filter Criteria.
 3. Give your criteria as below
 4. Select your columns and click on Save and Close
 5. Now you can see the View (Leads) I am working On and all the leads that required some action.

Hope it will helps some one. :)