Thursday, January 9, 2014

Dynamics CRM 2011 UAE Dubai

Hi every one. This is my first post that is not technical. The basic purpose of writing this blog post is to give some idea’s that how companies of UAE are optimizing their sale and market process using CRM 2011. I have recently shifted in UAE Dubai and I am surprised to see the market of Dynamics CRM in UAE. The major companies that I visited to see there Dynamics CRM are real estates, Banks, Sea Ports, UAE government organizations and Telecom industry. They all are using Dynamics CRM in different departments. Here are the modules that are widely used in Dubai, UAE

Marketing Module in different industries

Telecom industry

The most widely used marketing module of CRM is in telecom industry is SMS gateway integration. In Telecom industry of Dubai they have integrated Dynamics CRM with some SMS gateway and they use this gateway to send SMS to their customers. They have really powerful contact DB in CRM that’s the reason the response from customers are unbelievable. They use Marketing module whenever there is any new package or new product has been launched. They are not limited to that but this is the best feature that I saw in Dynamics CRM. And I encourage other industry users to think about it and use this functionality within there domain.

Bank industry

Banks are also using the same technique but in a different way. They are using SMS functionality to update their customers on real time. If any case has been registered it will automatically sends the message to the respected customer. They have integrated a lot workflow’s to send messages to the customers.
SMS integration in Marketing using Dynamics CRM is the most widely used component in Dubai, UAE

Real estate industry

Real estates are using CRM to create Ad’s. Yes Ad’s. Most of the real estate industries have integrates their CRM with different ad posting sites. If any post has been created in the CRM it will automatically posted up to 100 sites. It’s really amazing. And when customer’s replies to the agents they receives their email in outlook and track them in CRM This is the most secure way to handle your data in one place. This is the best feature that I have seen so far. J  

Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is the most important thing in Dubai, UAE. Because there is a lot of competition is going on. If you don’t care about your customer’s someone else did. For customer satisfaction most of the companies are using case management in CRM because Dynamics CRM gives all the information on a single form. It’s easy for the CSR to quickly identify the customer and log his case. Some of the companies are using PABX solution for customer’s when a customer’s calls to the help desk a pop will be displayed on desktop showing the details of the customer’s if it exists in CRM otherwise displaying the new contact form.

Case management

Case management is also having a really good impact in Dynamics CRM Market in UAE. The companies those have implemented case management are now much focused on Business process. After implementing Case management queries are resolved within no time and it also improves the customer satisfaction ratio. In most companies in UAE the old process is to store the case information in Excel which is really difficult to identify the customer detail and also not a good approach to handle cases. The companies reduced their 80% of time in resolving the cases and things will be done with in no time.
Portals for Dynamics CRM
Portals are widely used in all areas of companies most of the companies are using portals for their clients and agents to create contacts, leads, and also cases. Some banks are using portals to facilitate the customers with their account statuses etc.

If I list all the experience that I got from different companies it will be book instead of a blog postJ.
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