Monday, February 25, 2013

How to publish all customization in CRM 2011 using .NET C#

I am developing a tool that creates attributes on runtime and I need to publish all the customization’s and for this purpose I am just exploring SDK and found this message request
"PublishAllXmlRequest" which is used to publish all customization in CRM 2011 here is the complete syntax I hope it help’s some one

PublishAllXmlRequest publishReq= new PublishAllXmlRequest();


Note: Make sure you have added a namespace Microsoft.Crm.Sdk.Messages;


Case Study: Implementing MS Dynamics CRM 2011 for a Newsgroup

Case study (Newspaper group)
The purpose to write the blog is to tell the people that how Dynamics CRM improve the performance of a newspaper group. Recently I have an experience of working with a Multilanguage newspaper group based in UK. They care about their customers and they are much interested in implementing contract base system which uses very complex business roles and it has 10+ offices in different part of the world and has a lot of agents in all over the world.
Business needs
They have already running a system which is a custom desktop application it has a central database which is linked with all offices. But the application is start causing issues and is really difficult to upgrade or integrate with any system. The application does not support direct marketing list functionality and the main feature of marketing. The client is much interested in reliable fast and accurate system which must be less expansive and they must have good control on it.

After consulting we decided to go for Dynamics CRM for Marketing and contract management and for financial management we decided to use Dynamics NAV. Dynamics CRM has a great feature of Marketing and contract system as a built in functionality. They need to store all the data in CRM and also wants old data in new system. And using the NAV contactor we can connect both CRM and NAV. Even If they want to implement other dynamics products it’s easy for them because Dynamics gives adaptor functionality for all the dynamics products.

Benefits for using Dynamics CRM
1. Dashboard
CRM Dashboards allow us to drilldown to the data due to this functionality a business can take more efficient and quick to respond to issues and new opportunities.
Executives can take decisions from dashboard visibility for example if any country has less revenue generated with comparison to the last month the executives will try to find the cause and focus on that country before anything goes in loss.

2. Contract management
After implementing dynamics CRM they can easily manage contracts and have better control on Marketing and pricing.
3. Expands the Agents

In newspaper group agents are great resource of profit. Using accounts and partner portal functionality we can increase agents as much as the newspaper industry can. And using contract management system we can distribute there commission easily. 4. Ad Management
We can use Product as Ad it’s easy for group to manage with contracts.
5. Availability of old data in new systemUsing import feature of Dynamics CRM we can easily migrate data to CRM from any old system.
6. ReportingReporting is really easy in CRM anyone who has a little knowledge about CRM can easily develop reports.
7. Easy to useDynamics CRM has office type UI so if any one who is familiar with office can easily and quickly learn CRM.

This is an open blog any one can share his/her idea's in comments and they are highly appreciated.

Thanks :)