Wednesday, January 16, 2013

MS Dynamics CRM vs Salesforce - 5 Deciding Factors

In my last project my client asks me to give him some suggestion to choose the CRM product between Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Salesforce. And depending upon the below criteria I told him why to go for Dynamics CRM.

Here is a comparison of two major CRM products

1. In Microsoft Dynamics CRM we have a lot of options to integrate it with any other application and also office 365 makes it really easy to manage all the things on one place. And in Salesforce we have limited integration capabilities.

2. You could use any deployment option for Microsoft CRM (on-premise, Saas, on-premise hosted, or hybrid) depending upon your business requirement for example if you have resources to manage deployment on server you could go for on-premise version otherwise you have an option of online but in Salesforce you have only one option which is SaaS

3. Overall cost of Dynamics CRM is cost effective you could go for on-premise or online but for salesforce its twice than Microsoft Dynamics CRM online edition and if you need to do more customization you have to go for enterprise edition which is very costly and you have to learn a new language called Apex to add any new feature in it.

4. We could configure almost everything in Dynamics CRM like workflows, role-base views, filed level security its SDK is very powerful we could integrate any application with the help of web services. But Salesforce is not highly configurable.

5. CRM 2013 or CRM 2011 (rollup 12) has built in Yammer, Skype and Bing Maps integration. And upcoming rollup also has cross browser capabilities.

Depending upon the above criteria I suggest my client to go for Dynamics CRM because it is cost effective and if he wants to automate the overall process and uses its custom feature. 

I hope it helps someone :)