Wednesday, July 25, 2012

How to add more options in statuscode

Today i am going to tell you an unsupported option to customize statuscode attribute on appointment entity, there's one way you can do it for on-premise setup but because this is the unsupported modifications to the CRM system, I cannot guarantee for any issues due to that modification since I've never done that during any of my development and you may try it with your own risk.

First, you have to modify the statuscode attribute  of the Appointment entity to editable by running the following SQL script on your organization database.

UPDATE  MetadataSchema.Attribute SET Locked = 0
WHERE EntityId IN (SELECT Entityid FROM Entity WHERE logicalname
IN ('Appointment')) 
AND LogicalName = 'statuscode'

Then, open the statuscode attribute of the Appointment entity and add more options under Completed and Canceled status.